Kazakh Journey

24 May 2005

Mikayla's Journey Home Begins

Wonderful news! We finally have Mikayla as our very own! After a touching farewell at the babyhouse, Cathy and I brought Mikayla back to our apartment for good. We are so happy to have finally made it to this stage, even though there is much we still must do before we can bring her home.

Here are some of Mikayla's caregivers wishing us the best:

We arrived back in Kazakhstan this past Friday night, May 20, after having to spend an interminable two weeks at home. For this second trip, Alex’s grandmother, Nina, stayed home, and instead, Cathy’s brother, Chuck, came along to help. Too bad Nina couldn’t make it back, as this time we have a properly stocked kitchen in our apartment:

Alex returned with us and hasn’t missed a beat. One afternoon, we took him to his favorite playground, and he promptly amassed a crowd of adoring young ladies:

We were able to visit Mikayla for the first time on Saturday morning, and she seemed very happy to see us, especially Alex, who she already adores. She warmed up to Uncle Chuck pretty quickly, too:

The following is from today, after we returned to the apartment, when Mikalya and Alex were playing together. As you can see, she thinks her brother is a hoot:

Alex has not exactly been shy with his sister, either:

Mikayla likes her mommy and daddy, too:

The babyhouse director gave Alex a parting gift, a miniature dombra, which he has figured out how to play, even though it’s not more than a few inches long:

So, we are hoping to take in a few more sights over the next week while we complete the adoption process. We’ll update here as quickly and as frequently as we can. In the meantime, love to all of our friends and family from the newly expanded Meyer clan!


  • At 25 May, 2005 00:52, Anonymous Nina, Big Daddy, Aunt Kim said…

    We're so glad to see your pictures! It looks like you have two winners. We can see that you have been ad-Meyering Mikayla, too!
    We miss you. We'll pass the word to family and friends about your updated website. Love you, Nina, BIg Daddy, and Aunt Kim

  • At 25 May, 2005 02:05, Anonymous dick and suzanne said…

    Hello to all five of your wonderful
    family. Nina called to tell us of your
    beautiful, delightful photos. We are
    glad that things are going along as planned and it is so much fun to see it all in progress through pictures. Thank you. We are looking forward to hugging the real Mikayla and to Alex again, soon. Love, Greatgrandparents

  • At 25 May, 2005 02:59, Blogger Melissa said…

    She's so cute in her little outfits... I think I have to go shopping! :)

  • At 25 May, 2005 21:50, Anonymous Cathy C said…

    Wow! I just happened to check in to see if there is any news and here it is. Congratulations!!! You have two beautiful children nad Alex is quite the ladies man. Can't wait to hear more!

  • At 26 May, 2005 06:21, Anonymous Favorite Aunt Barbara said…

    Hello, world travelers! Won't you be glad to wake up in your own beds and get up & go to work like normal people? All this jet-setting makes me exhausted just watching you. But ok, it's worth it. Enjoy every moment. See you soon. Hey! Reason for a party! Love FAB

  • At 28 May, 2005 00:07, Anonymous Karen, Daryl, and Raegan said…

    What a doll baby! Have a wonderful relaxing family vacation! Post all that you can I'm addicted!


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