Kazakh Journey

26 May 2005

Life Outside the Baby House

Mikayla has begun her indoctrination into life with the Meyer family. What better way to start than to go out to eat! All of us went to Govinda’s, an Indian restaurant we’ve mentioned here before, and had lunch with our driver from last time, Sasha, and the adoptive couple he is driving around the city. Mikayla and Alex were marvelous. Here’s daddy at work:

After lunch, we went for a long walk and Mikayla loved it– she even fell asleep while we walked through a park and stopped at an outdoor café to enjoy some snacks and a cold beer. But, we have also seen a feisty side to the new Miss Meyer. If she really wants something, usually a toy Alex is playing with, she will not be deterred. It looks like she’s going to be able to hold her own with her brother. She has even given it back to him by rolling around on him. Here is the princess on a mission for her brother’s red balloon:

She also is bound and determined to feed herself. Cathy says this is a good thing, but the end result is pretty icky, if you ask me.

Mikayla does clean up nicely though. Here she is with her Uncle Chuck:

Of course, with two kids and one Uncle Chuck in the house, there is lots of grocery shopping to be done. Here we are returning from our almost daily pilgrimage to the nearest supermarket, for some reason called the Ramstor:

Almaty is a very cosmopolitan city, with virtually all the modern conveniences. But, then again, it is also a former Soviet Republic located in the heart of Central Asia. Here is a shot of the main road near our apartment:

The picture below really shows the contrast – a shabby apartment building in the foreground and a gleaming new office building in the background. Likewise, virtually every apartment building in the city is run-down on the outside, but from our experience, the inside of each of our apartment units has been very nice and clean.

Finally, lest you think everything is modern and clean, here is a gruesome picture from the meat section of the Green Market. Photographs are not permitted – with good reason – but we managed to get a few shots of what is for sale. I have no idea if you can buy the heads, however. The hanging white stuff is not a bunch of washcloths like I first thought. (Warning – if you’re a vegetarian or are eating right now, do not view this picture):


  • At 26 May, 2005 23:47, Blogger Melissa said…

    It doesn't seem like such a bad place to visit, who would have thought?! Mikayla is adorable and I can't wait to hold her. Talk to you soon!

  • At 28 May, 2005 00:03, Anonymous Karen, Daryl, and Raegan said…

    Your apartment is cute! Alex seems to love his native land. I love her fat little self! It seems that she and Raegan are gonna be like two peas in a pod.

  • At 28 May, 2005 00:53, Anonymous Mikayla's Mommy said…

    Mikayla is going to be so spoiled...she is so cuddly.

    I can't wait for Raegan and Mikayla to meet!


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