Kazakh Journey

30 April 2005

Big Brother

Alex has blossomed during his return to his birth city. His language and sensitivity have grown tremendously, and he continually delights us with newfound wit and charm. He has captivated the babyhouse staff, and it obvious that he is in their hearts as one of their favorites. He has embraced the babyhouse as his second home, and he struts through the hallways as if he belongs there. He has the same confidence on the babyhouse playground and has taken over the jungle gym built by WPA.

Mikayla's caregiver introduces her to Alex

Alex entertains the staff and Mikalya

Even though a bit disturbed by it at first, he has accepted that the babyhouse staff call him by his birth name, “Bekzat,” and back at the apartment, he likes to tell us that his name is Bekzat Meyer when he visits there. He has taken to heart the Director’s telling us that “Bekzat” is always welcome at Babyhouse #3. Somehow he senses she is in charge because he calls her “teacher” whenever he sees her.

Alex and "Teacher"

Alex has been soaking in the new sights and is comfortable at the Green Market. Of course, that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that the Green Market is right next door to the chocolate factory, could it? He also has a keen eye for waterfalls and fountains, and traffic lights. He is still disturbed by the lack of left turn arrows in Almaty (and so are Nina and Cathy!).

Strike a pose

Even though still asking for Chic-Fil-A and French Fries, he continues to be adventuresome by trying new foods, and has devoured Kazak, Russian, Uzbek and Georgian cuisine.

Enjoying Uzbek delicacies

Alex is very loving toward Mikayla but yet is showing typical signs of not sharing – his new favorite word is, “Mine!”

"My guitar!"

Children’s play is universal. Nina said she read somewhere that young children speaking different languages have no problem communicating while playing together on the playground. Alex’s experience at the new playground at Panfilov Park certainly shows this to be true.

Take off!

Alex loves the girls!


  • At 30 April, 2005 23:29, Anonymous Karen, Daryl, and Raegan said…

    What a lady killer! He is such a wonderful boy! What an experience for him to fully understand what a beautiful thing he and his sisters adoption is!

  • At 01 May, 2005 01:31, Anonymous Barbara said…

    Hi, I missed a day and had to catch up...in the meantime, your two kids grew another inch. Suzie and I read the last two days together! She is here early for the wedding and doesn't know what she's in for. Uh oh. She read that. You all look great & we'll be glad to have you back. Love /FAB

  • At 02 May, 2005 05:26, Anonymous leslie said…

    Hello all! Your photos are so amazing, and it is great to read about what a great experience Alex is having. Are you really down to the last week?? I can't wait to see that gorgeous little girl in person -- I'm sure you're going to be a little anxious to get her home.
    Keep the photos coming!! It's nice to see that not everyone is living and breathing baseball (that's from someone whose two sons are playing around the clock).
    Love, Leslie and family

  • At 02 May, 2005 07:52, Anonymous Judy said…

    Hi Sherry, YuChuan,and Lori,
    I'm missing my walking friends. I hope I can still keep up with you next Monday! Love, Judy/Nina

  • At 03 May, 2005 16:24, Anonymous Barbara said…

    Hey! You're falling down on the job. It's May 3, where are you?

  • At 05 May, 2005 16:29, Anonymous Sherry Smith said…

    I know the end of this week must be very hard for all of you, and I am so sorry Mikayla can't come home now with you. I will pray that you will all be together as a family very soon and for a safe trip home. See you soon!


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