Kazakh Journey

24 April 2005

Shop 'till you drop!

On Saturday morning, Sasha took us to a wonderful Oriental bazaar. We saw silks, handmade Turkish and Uzbek carpets, embroidered clothing and purses, Kyrgy ceramics, and extremely rare, beautiful “moss” agates. Nina and I could not believe the deals to be had, and we bought many exquisite items that some of you may be seeing later!

Also, while strolling the bazaar, we heard the entrancing music of the flute-like Kazakh sybyzgy. Our first encounter with this haunting instrument was at the Music Museum, and upon hearing it again, we were moved to buy one for Alex.

And, while our defenses were down, we just had to buy . . . crocheted baby hats for Mikayla!

And here she is modeling one of them while she practices her moves.

Alex takes a closer look and can't believe what Mommy has put on his sister's head!

"Do you really want me to make that face, too?

"I love my pink hat and my Nina's shoulder. That's more like it!"

On Sunday, the Almaty weather took a turn for the worse, bringing in rain, grey clouds, and cold winds, and even worse, no visit with Mikayla -- making it a perfect time to buy chocolate! Sasha took us to a chocolate factory, where there was an incredible selection of candies and chocolates.

Alex O.D.'s on the chocolate.

Our Sunday adventures continued at an exotic Uzbek restaurant (Uzbekistan borders the southwest of Kazakhstan).

The King summons his subjects.

After consuming his confections and ordering his Nina to play many games, the King rests.

With love, Cathy (with help from Nina)


  • At 24 April, 2005 23:28, Andy & Cathy said…

    Welcome to all visitors from LCC, and a special welcome home to Sukhali. Alex misses you very much, and can't wait to see you!

  • At 25 April, 2005 00:35, Barbara said…

    Well you're certainly not just sitting around while you're there, are you? I think you may regret buying that haunting-music instrument though....it may sound a little different when Alex gets hold of it. Sybyzgy probably stands for something like "so you now go crazy" or something. How are the chocolates? Better than Godiva? Beautiful days here...by the time you get back it will be summer! Can't wait to see you home. Love /FAB

  • At 25 April, 2005 00:59, Karen, Daryl, and Raegan said…

    Who are you people and what has happened to Cathy Meyer? Did someone tie her up and give Alex a pile of chocolate? Seems like you are having the family vacation of a lifetime.

  • At 26 April, 2005 01:04, Melissa said…

    You wouldn't even let Alex have that much candy at halloween! I don't think you EVER let me have that much :) I made it safely back to Dallas and I am going to call you guys tomorrow. Love you!

  • At 26 April, 2005 01:47, Cathy said…

    Karen, Mikayla can get around crawing, but she can't sit up! We've been working with her though and hopefully she will be by the time we leave.

    Sissy, Alex isn't asking to go home as much as he did at the beach house last summer, but occasionally he asks about his "avenue" golf clubs at the big house! He has really adjusted...you know, being the world traveler that he is. We love all of you!


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