Kazakh Journey

26 April 2005

Markets, Museums, and Mikayla

Today we ventured to Almaty’s “Green Market.” What an experience for the senses! Our favorite part was the food market, where we bought all kinds of fruits, nuts, and even a bouquet of beautiful flowers, all for around 2000 tenge ($15).

Cathy says this guy has the best nuts in the entire world -- and dried fruits, too.

From her expression, it seems like this lady needs some spice in her life!

Yesterday, we toured the Kazakhstan National History Museum. We learned from one of the Kazak docents, that “Bekzat,” our son’s birth name, and “Gaziza,” which is Mikayla’s birth name, both have roots in ancient Kazakh aristocracy. The museum had some great exhibits, including a spectacular collection of traditional Kazakh costumes and even a fully-furnished yurt. Unfortunately, no photographs allowed inside, but here are two from the exterior:

We thought it would be nice to let Alex give Mikayla’s caregivers the bouquet of flowers we bought at the Green Market. It was precious when Alex handed them over to one of the Kazakh caregivers saying, “We call these flowers.” Another poignant moment was when Alex’s former main caregiver saw him for the first time today. After giving him a bear hug, she took us back to Alex’s old room and showed Alex the crib where he used to sleep. There were several photographs of Alex and family we had sent to the babyhouse up on a bulletin board and in a photo album.

Speaking of flowers, it looks like we may have two future botanists on our hands:

Finally, we thought we would close with pictures of the view from our front widow and our view from the back:


  • At 27 April, 2005 03:25, Anonymous Barbara said…

    I am so astounded when I see your beautiful photos. Gorgeous marketplaces, gorgeous scenery, culture....even fabulous nuts! (I struggle here not to make a comment about your comment, but will restrain myself.) Anyway, your pictures are not exactly the picture I carry in my mind for that part of the world. We're happy you're having such a great adventure. You are a beautiful family....we miss you!

  • At 27 April, 2005 07:22, Blogger Cathy said…

    Hi, Aunt Barbara:

    The nuts are incredibly delicious. We will bring some home for you. We miss all of you at home too.

    And for all of you that were worried about a "chocolate devil" taking over me, Alex is happily living on his animal crackers (low sugar) that he personally picked out at the Chocolate Factory. (I was so proud)

    Love to all, Cathy

  • At 27 April, 2005 07:24, Anonymous Dick and Suzanne said…

    These pictures are beautiful and simply amazing. Barbro Celms and Peter are looking up all the name of places on their atlas. Peter is from Riga, Latvia. They brought us a bunch of the photos they printed out from your website. Thank you so much. Love,

  • At 27 April, 2005 08:09, Anonymous Karen, Daryl, and Raegan said…

    The mountains are so beautiful. I bet the women at the house were happy to see Alex! He is such a precious boy! I can't wait to get my hands on that chubby little girl! It seems that KZ is a wonderful secret vacation location!

  • At 27 April, 2005 08:15, Blogger Cathy said…

    Hi Mom and Dick..
    I love the picture of Alex smelling the lilacs. I hadn't seen or smelled a lilac bush since I was a little girl in Ohio. They still smell wonderful, even here and now. Love, Judy (Nina)

  • At 28 April, 2005 09:25, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Love your site! What a beautiful family you have. Seeing Almaty again through your pictures brings back sweet memories.

    Lisa McCall, mom to Jessie (home grown) and Reid adopted from Kokshetau, Kaz 2/17/05

  • At 22 February, 2009 23:40, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, Andrew!!!! Four years have passed...! This is Sasha/Alex (your driver in Almaty)haven't seen you for so long...a little bit missing....We are in Pennsylvania since 2006...went to Florida last Jan...would be so nice to see you again...and kids, and Kathy, and your mother Judy, of course...Drop me a line at alex@silkroadpainting.com,please.

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