Kazakh Journey

22 April 2005


After days on the go, we decided to spend our morning cleaning our apartment. Alex decided he was going to send himself special delivery to you back in the States.

“Well, if that doesn’t work, I will send you an e-mail.”

The two Kaz Princesses


After a lazy day, we joined one of our WPA traveling families at a resturant called “Dastarkhan.” We had a nice Russian speaking waitress who was determined to choose our dish for us and wanted us to immediately order without looking over the menu. We all kept trying to tell her that we wanted a few more minutes to decide but she was insistent that we order. (Where was Sasha?!!!) Even after the host came over who spoke some English, they just didn’t get it. Finally, out of desperation (plus I’m not as nice as everyone else), I motioned for them to leave and then come back and said go away. The waitress looked appalled as well as everyone at our table. Andy said she would never come back. Well, we finally all made up and everyone was all smiles when we left. Plus we had a delicious meal and good company.

We head off to a Kazakh crafts show tomorrow with Sasha and his daughter. Souvenirs galore!

--With love, Cathy


  • At 23 April, 2005 19:58, Barbara said…

    Does everyone there clean on Saturdays too? I see Alex is wearing "the Hat" that you couldn't get on him...and now probably can't get off him! 2 more weeks!

  • At 23 April, 2005 22:06, Cathy said…

    Aunt Barbara,

    We love reading your comments. How are the wedding plans coming along? We are counting down the days, but thoroughly enjoying Almaty and our children.

    Love, Cathy

  • At 23 April, 2005 22:40, Melissa said…

    Alex is so cute on his laptop. Does he ask to come home often? Or is he happy in his apartment called "Kazakhstan"? lol. Talk to you soon!

  • At 24 April, 2005 06:24, Suzanne said…

    These photos and comments are simply
    wonderful. Several of our friends are
    following along.

  • At 24 April, 2005 20:00, Barb M. said…

    I have shared you site with the other 2 year old teachers at school and Angela.

    I also gave all the info to Cheryl for Sukali so I am sure they are keeping track as well.

    Sukali is back in town safe and sound.

    Say hello to Nina for me.
    Looks like you are all having a wonderful time!

    Barb M.

  • At 24 April, 2005 20:15, Angela said…

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us!! Can't wait to meet baby Mikayla... future LCC preschooler!!

  • At 24 April, 2005 20:26, Cathy C said…

    It is so beautiful over there and all these pictures are making me want a little Mikayla or Alex. As if my hands aren't full enough with Jordan & CJ. lol. We are coming down in July and would love to meet the new addition. Enjoy the rest of your trip and keep us posted.

  • At 25 April, 2005 00:52, Karen, Daryl, and Raegan said…

    Alex looks like he has made himself at home in his native land. Can Mikayla crawl? It looks like if she can't she will in no time! Those hats are the cutest things I have ever seen!!! I will send Alex an email.


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