Kazakh Journey

28 April 2005

Driving Around Almaty

We have had wonderful visits with Mikayla the last two days. Everyone is doing well, and we have been enjoying the sights of Almaty during Spring. We thought we would present a collage of some of the buildings observed during our trips around the city:

The Abay State Theatre of Opera and Ballet, named after Abay Kunabaer (1845-1904), a famed Kazakh writer and poet.

Republican Palace of School Children, with a TV transmitter tower in the background. Despite its imposing appearance, we understand this to be an activity center for kids, with hands on exhibits and also classes and fun programs.

Ministry of Culture.

Can you say, "Real Estate Boom!"? There is construction going on all over the city. This is just one example of new buildings, both finished and in progress.

This is our driver’s favorite Indian restaurant. No meat to be found anywhere!

And, we end with a picture of the girls, some better behaved than others!


  • At 29 April, 2005 07:00, Cathy C said…

    Sounds like you are having a great time. It certainly looks beautiful over there. Alex looks like he is very well behaved for being away from home so long. Can't wait to see more!

  • At 29 April, 2005 07:39, Cathy said…

    Hi, Cathy:

    Thanks so much for following along and posting...it is truly great to hear from folks back in the states. We are having so much fun with Alex that we think we will come back when he is 7 and Mikayla is 4. No, not to get a third child (of course, you never know) but to let our kids learn more about their birth city. Hope to see you soon! Cathy

  • At 29 April, 2005 08:52, Karen, Daryl, and Raegan said…

    Your pictures inspire me to visit some of our local museaums. What a doll she is! What lucky children to have such a wonderful family and she hasn't even met her big sister yet! More treats in store for her!

  • At 29 April, 2005 16:54, sherry smith said…

    Judy, we will want to know if you were one of the better behaved girls or not. You all do such a great job--wonderful pictures--lets us travel along with you and so interesting. Mikayla just seems to get cuter--all the love she is getting is making her blossom. Looking forward to meeting her and to having you back on our walks. Love, Sherry

  • At 30 April, 2005 07:28, Dic,k and Suzanne said…

    Hi everybody: We'll surely be glad to see you next weekend. I spoke with Don this evening and he is very proud of himself to be e-mailing us and also picking up all of the marvelous photos you are sending. We're proud of all of you for this amazing adventure.


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